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May Day Rally and March for Our Demands

May 1 Flyer 2017 English

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Which Way Forward for Elections? A Debate and Discussion

Saturday, March 25, 2017

2:00 PM

Room 108 360 MLK Blvd., Newark, NJ

After the disastrous election of 2016, where do we go from here with electoral politics? Stick with the Democrats? Go with the Greens? Abstain? Or build a new type of independent electoral effort responsible to a mass movement? Hear a debate among representatives of different viewpoints and participate in the discussion. Spanish translation available (bring your cellphone!).


Seth Kaper-Dale, NJ Gubernatorial Candidate, Green Party NJ

Eric Lerner, Movement for Socialism

Michael Paris, South Orange Maplewood Action

Jack Rusk, Mid-Atlantic Revolutionary Socialists

Movement For Socialism

Green Party, NJ

Mid-Atlantic Revolutionary Socialists

NJ May 1/Jobs for All

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How Do We Defeat Trump?: A Movement Discussion

Please circulate this call widely.

Saturday, March 4, 2 pm
At Rutgers, Hill Hall, Room 108, 195 University Avenue, Newark, NJ

Movement for Socialism / NJ May 1 /Jobs for All


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